The Top 5 Hunting Knives On The Market

Hunting Knives: The Top 5 Knives On The Market

For tough applications and heavy duty tasks, you can't use a simple ordinary knife. You have to invest in a hunting knife of high quality and one designed for hunters. That's why we've created this buying guide.

On this guide, we'll discuss five knives made by the best knife companies. Each of these knives is designed to help you hunt more efficiently. Continue reading if you're serious about hunting and want a better knife when skinning and gutting your next big game.

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Why Should You Choose Your Hunting Knife Carefully

When hunting, there are a few pieces of equipment more valuable than a hunting knife. Having a hunting knife keeps you prepared to handle any tasks that could occur when you're in the wild.

A hunting knife is useful for a multitude of reasons. With a hunting knife, you can do any task in your home and other sorts of tasks you'll have to face throughout the day. This means that you don't have to be a hunter to experience the benefits of a hunting knife.

Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath


You should opt for a pocket knife if you plan on carrying a knife in public. When carrying a pocket knife, most of the laws permit you to take it anywhere you go. That's one of the benefits of having a small knife in general.

Hunting knives are ideal for self-defense as well. With a hunting knife, you'll be safe no matter where you go. Before taking a hunting knife with you, make sure that you'll abide by your local laws. Some laws prohibit the use of large knives in public.

You should carefully choose your knife because they enhance your performance when outdoors. A cheap knife tends to break within a few months. Make sure you buy a knife built to last and able to help you during your hunting excursions.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Hunting Knife

Here's few things of what you need to pay attention when choosing hunting knife:


When looking for pocket knives, they have different sizes and length. Blades can be as small as 2 inches or as large as 7.5 inches. While it's only a difference in a few inches, your blade size makes a huge difference.

MTech USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Small Knives

Small Knives are legal to carry anywhere. Most state laws require your pocket knife to be a length of 2.75 inches or below. For example, a ridge runner hunting knife is small enough to hide in your pocket. Thus, having a small knife ensures that you're abiding by the knife laws in your regions. But, smaller blades aren't as sharp as larger ones.

Small knives are perfect for everyday use and for cutting small objects such as boxes and strings. Make sure you have a small blade in your inventory to complete basic tasks with ease.

Medium Knives

Blades that are between 2.75 and 4 inches are strong enough to handle a broad range of tasks. They are small enough to carry around. Blades at this size have various locking mechanisms that let you push it during complex tasks.

But, medium sized blades might be illegal in some states. Check with your local knife laws to see if you're eligible to carry blades of this length.

Large Knives

Hunting knives over 4 inches are easy to carry. Also, larger knives are great for self-defense and are stronger than smaller knives. The only disadvantage with large knives is they don't meet state requirements. As we've stated earlier, you need to watch your state laws to make sure you're eligible to carry a large knife.

Hunting knife with large blade.

Animals That You're Hunting

You'll need a hunting knife that helps in gutting and skinning the animal. This helps you strip off the unwanted body parts while helping you tenderize the meat. Have a gut hooked hunting knife to ensure that you'll remove the vital organs of your next trophy animal.

Next, you need a knife that's able to skin the animal without tearing the abdominal tissues or muscles. Skinning knives have a short, curved blade, and make the skinning process easier than without it. Once you've skinned and gutted your animal, you need to remove the meat. Hunting knives help remove the meat from the bone and can be used on fish or big game.

The next part of the process is to cut the meat. You only need a knife that's sharp enough to make clean cuts. For this process, we suggest getting a bowie knife to help butcher your trophy animal.

Set Or One Piece

Since hunting is a complex process, it's better to get a set of knives at your disposal. Having one knife will limit your options in defending yourself, cleaning, and cutting your game. It's important for first time hunting knife owners to have as many knives as possible to increase their chance of capturing your trophy animal.

How To Clean Hunting Knife


Sharpness is the deciding factor of your hunting knife's quality. But, your knife needs to be easy to maneuver and hold as well. This is because a hunting knife has to gut, skin, and butcher your next game. Your knife must be easy to sharpen while hunting as well.

The steel of your blade must be of good quality as well. The blade should be able to hold its sharpness, but you don't need a high-tech stainless steel knife. Knives of that quality are brittle which makes it difficult to cut your game properly.


The blade is the most important part of your hunting knife. Blades are made out of steel or stainless steel materials. You also need to know the carbon content of the knife. The carbon content determines the level of hardness of your blade.Substances such as molybdenum provide improvements in the knife's finish, toughness, corrosion resistance, and sharpness.

The pommel and guard of the blade consist of either aluminum, steel, or brass. Your knife's grips and stocks might have other materials. The stocks might have leather material or have washer-like segments that are contoured to fit around the handle.

Knife King "Emperor" Custom Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife.

Materials used for the knife's stock depends on its intended use. Nylon and leather are durable materials that are for practical field use. On the other hand, fancy materials are for show knives.

Best Hunting Knife

Here's our recommendation of the best hunting knives on the market:

Winner: Knife King Hunting Knife

Starting our review is the Knife King Hunting Knife. The knife has a length of 8 inches, which is large for a hunting knife. This hunting knife gives the user the advantage due to its durable, yet functional construction.

Features Of The Knife King Hunting Knife

  • Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Damascus Steel Blade
  • Fine and Sharp Edge
  • Non-slip handle
  • Affordable Price

Our Rating


You need a knife that combines form and functionality. The Knife King knife is constructed out of Damascus steel, making it easier to cut through the thick animal skin. It has a complementary leather sheath that allows users to holster the knife after use.

When it comes to functionality, the Knife King is steps ahead of the competition. This knife is ideal not only for everyday usage but for tough applications that require a skilled hand to utilize it correctly. With its powerful and sharp blade, this knife is a great choice for hunters.

Another feature that's worth mentioning is its nonslip handle. Most hunters find it hard finding a knife that won't fall out of their hands during usage. These slips often lead to injury and can result in a failed cut. The Knife King Hunting Knife remains on your hands without failure, which is great for novice hunters.

Knife King Emperor Hunting Knife Review

Users like this knife because of its sharp edge. The edge comes in handy during self-defense situations and protects the user from imminent harm. In fact, it has a tip protector which allows the knife to be carried around without causing harm to the user. Get this knife if you want to remain safe when outdoors.

You'll want to watch out for the knife's sheath quality. Shoppers reported that the knife's sheath starts to break within a month. Call for a replacement if you notice any rips or tears in the hunting knife's sheath.

The Knife King Hunting Knife is the best deer hunter knife. It has enough length, sharpness, and durability to clean out a deer within a matter of minutes. You'll gain a lot of utility out of this product when using it on your next hunting trip.

Runner Up: MTech USA Knife

Next up is the MTech USA Knife. The knife comes equipped with a nylon sheath which makes it easier to carry. Hunters like this knife because it's sharp blade is tough enough to cut through most animal skin. It's currently sold on Amazon at a price about $20. Based on its price, it's the best-fixed blade knife under 50.

Features Of The MTech USA Knife

  • 7-inch blade length
  • 12 ¼ inch overall length
  • Black stainless steel blade
  • ABS Handle
  • Black Nylon Sheath
Straight Edge Blade, Black Handle, 12-1/4-Inch Overall

Our Rating


Most hunting knives require some sharpening after being purchased. However, this rule doesn't apply for the MTech USA Knife. Customers reported that the knife required no sharpening after unboxing it making it a powerful tool for hunting. The knife is very thick and is an ideal choice for hunting aficionados.

We like this hunting knife because of its solid construction. For instance, the knife's tang goes from the knife point to the window break point. Because of its full tang, the knife delivers clean and straight cuts without detracting from the user's performance.

The ABS (amorphous thermoplastic terpolymer) handle is another feature that's worth mentioning. ABS is a strong polymer that increases the handle's toughness and resistance. Buy this product if you want a sturdy handle that won't slip during everyday use.

MTech USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Also, the ABS handle has a glass breaker on end. MTech intended to add this feature to help users break windows in the event of an emergency. Due to this extra feature, the knife is versatile and helps hunters survive in dangerous situations.

The sheath is another feature we've noticed about the product. It consists of black nylon which makes it easy to carry discretely in public. People liked the sheath because it's sturdy and doesn't rip after extended use. The MTech USA Knife has a sturdy sheath which is great for long hunting trips.

Consumers across the board complained about the product's lack of edge retention. While the blade can sharpen quickly, the edge loses quality after a few months. Carefully sharpen the blade to prevent this issue from occurring.

Overall, the MTech USA Knife is the best fixed blade knife in the market. The knife has enough durability to last for four years without needing repairs. Get this hunting knife if you need a medium length blade that works for all your hunting needs.

Alternative: Case Hunter Knife

Third in our review is the Case Hunter Knife. The knife is compact and fits through most local knife laws. Due to its small size, the knife is easily concealed and used for basic everyday use. You'll like this knife if you need something small and safe to use during your next hunting trip.

Features Of The Case Hunter Knife

  • Concave clip blade
  • Stainless Steel Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 3.15 inches
  • Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Great for hiking, hunting, and outdoors
Case X-Small Leather Hunter Knife

Our Rating


One thing consumers love is the curved clip blade. This blade makes it easier for users to cut through wood, animal organs and skin without experiencing issues. You'll like this blade because it's small and packs a lot of power behind it.

This knife is suited for trout, rabbits, and other small game. On average, it takes hunters about 3 minutes to fully gut, skin and butcher their game. We like the knife because it makes the cleaning process easier than competing hunting knives.

Case designed this knife for simple hunting purposes. The knife is small but has enough strength to handle at least 90% of your tasks while out in the wild. Due to its small size, the knife is legally eligible to be taken anywhere you go.

Case X-Small Leather Hunter Knife

The knife comes with an additional cloth to help users clean their handles and blades. Start by adding a small drop of oil onto the knife and on the rag. Then, proceed to wipe down the handles with the cloth. You'll like this knife because it's easy to maintain and clean after being used.

The stainless steel fixed blade is great for making straight cuts. The full tang increases its power and precision when detailing game such as rabbits, deer, and other animals. If you want a hunting knife that's functional, then the Case Hunting Knife is a great choice for you.

However, users felt limited when using this knife. Since the blade is so small, it's not good for anything besides detail purposes. Get a knife of a larger length if you need a hunting knife suited for more complex tasks.

Still, the Case Hunting Knife is the best deer gutting knife in the market. Its small size makes it easy to carry in public and successfully gut and clean out your next game. Get this knife if you need a legal hunting knife to handle simple tasks. It's found on Amazon at a price around $52.

Best Folding Knife

Here's our recommendation of the best folding knife:

Winner: Harnds Folding Knife

The Harnds Folding knife is one of the best outdoor knives money can buy. It comes with a snap closure belt pouch which is easy to conceal in your pocket. It's a large knife that has a pocket clip for mobile transportation. Get this knife if you want something that's reliable when you're out hunting.

Features Of The Harnds Folding Knife

  • Ballistic Nylon Sheath
  • Liner Lock Thumb Release
  • Compact Design
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Military Grade Durability
Harnds Folding Hunting Knife

Our Rating


Harnds created the knife to work as a camp knife. The knife is bulky and can withstand a great deal of abuse before breaking. And, the knife has thumb studs which help the knife open smoothly. This is a solid knife if you need a functional and sturdy tool that won't lose its sharpness after first use.

Some lower quality brands have liner flex when their knife opens. Liner flex reduces the quality of your blade by making it harder to fold open and close. However, Harnd's Hunting Knife doesn't have this issue and can be easily opened and closed to the user's liking.

The blade consists of a 9Cr18MoV steel. This steel is corrosion resistant and retains its cutting edge. Also, the high carbon chromium bearing steel makes it easier to sharpen than other products. Get this knife if you want the highest quality of steel that doesn't break easily.

Harnds Folding Hunting Knife

Another thing we've noticed is the blade's secondary lock. The lock is located on the upper portion of the knife and prevents the knife liner from moving over. And, the secondary lock prevents the knife from disengaging. Due to this enhanced security, the knife works without malfunctioning or breaking.

But, there is one small flaw. Consumers found the liner lock too tight to use. You'll have to use more energy opening and closing the knife. If this is a major problem to you, consider a replacement or an extra knife to make up for it.

Mainly, the Harnds Folding knife is the best buck knive available. The knife is found on Amazon at a price about $37. If you're serious about hunting and need a quality hunting knife, then the Harnds Folding Knife is a great choice for you.

Runner Up: Buck Hunting Knife

Last on our list is the classic Buck Hunting Knife. The blade on this particular knife is a clip point blade with a right handed nail nick for easy opening. In fact, there are additional thumb studs that can be purchased for one handed opening. You'll like this knife if you want something that's easy to open and utilize during your hunting activities.

Features Of The Hunting Knife

  • Clip Point Blade
  • 420 HC Steel
  • Macassar Ebony Wood Handle
  • Leather Sheath
  • Lightweight at 7.2oz
Buck Knives 110 Hunter Knife ReviewSource:

Our Rating


The knife has a 420 HC Steel construction. This means that the knife is easy to sharpen when the blade becomes dull. And, the steel is durable enough to make quick incisions and precise cuts without breaking. Try this knife if you want a strong steel blade that's durable and easy to use.

This knife is averagely sized at about 3 ¾ inches. The grip is ¾ wide 5/8 thick and 5" long. This gives you a large grip that stabilizes your hand while cutting. Users like this device because it doesn't cause hand cramps and has great tip control.

You'll like this knife due to its versatile and sturdy blade. It's a low point, sharkish clip blade that's useful in detailing your game. The blade's handle belly is angled making it easy to push down and cut through material quickly.

Buck knives are designed in the company's signature Macassar Ebony Wood. The handle is held together by the brass bolsters on the upper and lower section of the knife. All of the edges are smoothed down to increase the user's hand comfort. You'll love this knife if you need something fits like a glove on your hand.

The company designed the knife to ensure that it won't open in your pocket. This is because of the nail-notch lockback design. Since it's larger than most folding knives, users need two hands to open and close the knife properly.

We found one issue with the knife's sharpness quality. For instance, it takes an average of 2 weeks before having to sharpen the blade once again. You'll have to sharpen the blade to receive results frequently.

The Buck Hunting Knife is created by the best knife manufacturers in today's market. It combines classic design with modern functionality to provide an all-purpose knife for hunters.

The Verdict

The MTech USA Knife is the best knife to invest your money in. It's a powerful fixed blade with steel that makes dressing, detailing, and cleaning your game with ease. It's the best knife for hunters on a budget.

If you have any questions using any of these hunting knives, please let us know!

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