There are many different kinds of knives that are meant for use in the wilderness. The most common type of knife is a survival knife. These knives are meant to be durable enough to cut through a wide variety of materials in a survival situation.

While they are effective for a wide variety of tasks, they are not specialized enough for some applications. One of these more specialized knife types is the hunting knife. Hunting knives, as you may have guessed from the name, are designed for use by hunters.

While they are usually durable enough to double as survival knives in a pinch, that is not their primary application. They will be less effective than a purpose built survival knife in these cases.

Harnds Folding Hunting Knife 4.2" Blade Military-Grade Double Safety Lock Tactical Gear with Sheath

A hunting knife is designed to be used once you have shot your target. They are meant to be used on many different kinds of animals. A hunting knife can be used for a variety of tasks. They can be used, for example, to finish off an animal that was not a clean kill, so they have to be sharp and durable.

The primary use for a hunting knife, however, is for cleaning the carcass of an animal that you have hunted. A hunting knife has to be able to skin the animal, so it has to be designed for cutting more so than stabbing. The curved portion of a hunting knife is the part which is primarily designed for skinning.

The straight part of your hunting knife, on the other hand, is meant to be used to cut slices of meat from the animal. Both skinning and slicing require a knife which is sharp, as a dull knife will make a mess of the task.

Before we get to our review, we will look at some of the characteristics which make this particular knife one of the best available.

Folding Blade

One of the two main types of hunting knife is the folding knife. The folding knife has its pros and cons when compared to the fixed-blade hunting knife. Obviously, the folding knife is easier to carry as it is more compact when folded up and does not require a sheath to be carried safely.

Harnds Folding Hunting Knife


Another important consideration to make while purchasing your hunting knife is the material that the grip is made out of. Since hunting knives are meant to be used outdoors, you will find that a grippy handle is an important inclusion. The last thing you will want is for your knife to slip in your hands while it is raining.

A grippy handle is a good safety feature as a slippery knife has a chance to injure you. Beyond the chance of injury, a slippery hunting knife can also make it much harder to skin and gut a carcass.

Folding hunting knives can easily be carried in your pocket, and they are easier to conceal. Unfortunately, folding hunting knives can also be more unsafe than fixed blade hunting knives if the locking mechanism fails as they can suddenly open up without your knowledge.

About The Product

This high-quality hunting knife is designed to be used for several applications. It is manufactured by Harnds, a company dedicated to making innovating hunting tools and knives. Due to a wide variety of features, it is one of the more user-friendly hunting knives you will find.

Features Of The Harnds Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife 4.2" Blade Military-Grade Double Safety Lock


This is one of the best folding hunting knives that we have reviewed thanks to a combination of features. Unlike some folding knives, this model features two safeties so you can be sure that it won’t unexpectedly open up on you. The safeties can be unlocked with an ambidextrous button, so this knife works for both righties and lefties.

While the 4.2-inch blade is smaller than some competing models, you will find that it is sufficient for most hunting applications. The blade is also highly versatile thanks to the inclusion of a serrated portion. Unlike many other hunting knives, this model is capable of being used as a survival knife quite effectively.

The handle is also well designed when compared to other models of folding knives. The finger grooves are accommodating for many different finger sizes, and the handle is sufficiently grippy, even in wet conditions. This is one of the better folding hunting knives you will find available.


What Others Say

We also looked through reviews and customer testimonials to find out how this knife was received by buyers. Many customers were impressed by the weight distribution of the knife. Far too many folding knives feature an uneven weight distribution, but this model is rather balanced.

Hunting Knife 4.2" Blade Military-Grade Double Safety Lock

Customers were also impressed by the high degree of durability, despite the folding design. There were not many negative reviews about this knife, but there were some minor complaints about the size, as this is larger than most other folding hunting knives

Buying Advice

This is a high-quality knife, but it is more affordable than most other knives featuring such excellent construction. It can usually be found for sale for about 45 dollars, but it can drop to as little as 30 dollars when it goes on sale. It is available for purchase from many online retailers including Amazon.


If you want one of the best folding hunting knives available, you really can’t go wrong with this model from Harnds. We hope that this review has proved detailed enough to help you come to a decision. If there are any questions or remarks, go ahead and leave them down in the comments so we can try to get back to you.

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